Hi! I’m Denise.

I empower burnt-out entrepreneurs/ CEO's take a vacation and make higher profit margins with systems

Do you deal with the following:

What if you could...

  • Grow and scale your business without running 100 MPH.
  • Delegate the right tasks to a team and trust them to do it your way.
  • Be the CEO of your business instead of the employee of the month.
  • Have systems and processes in place so parts of your business run on autopilot.
  • Have clear communication channels with you and your team and clients and be out of the slack weeds.
  • Have a team.
  • Take a vacation and get 8 hours of sleep per night without your business stopping or burning down.



“No one prepares you for all the work that goes into starting a new small business. With Denise’s help, I have a Client Funnel, a Database for my clients, including help with and space for Contracts, Invoices, Calendar Booking…all the help needed in Client Management. WOW. Recommending Denise is an understatement. Her name will be a casual vocabulary word in all of my conversations! She is truly AMAZING.”

Sarahi Mena, The Divine Plan: Events and Design

Here’s how I can help:

Retainer Package: All of my experience every month

In this package, you get all of your operations, projects, and people needs taken care of. Need a project done? No problem! I will manage all aspects and push it forward from fruition to completion without bottlenecks getting in the way. Need to add new systems to get your business on autopilot. I got you! Let me tinker away and you will be good to go. Need SOP’s? And as the business grows and you need to hire new employees or contractors, I will handle it from beginning to end.

Your Fractional COO: One Month Projects

By the end of our time working together you will have your business operating systems set up and ready to use without having to learn all the new tech-y systems, programs, or tools. You will also have a custom roadmap for your business to keep it growing smoothly at every milestone. You have projects you need done and you have a VA to keep them going once they are all set up. You can now have this without having to hire a full or even a part time employee.

VIP DAY: Hire your Dream Team Essentials

By the end of this VIP Day, you will walk away understanding who you need to hire next, with up to 3 completed, ready to go job descriptions, KPI’s for the roles, application forms, interview questions, and paid trial task options so that you can finally have that dream Team without dealing with any more team fires, hiring mishaps, creating endless job descriptions and having to do it all yourself like everything else in the business.

Unsure which package is right for you?

My name is Denise M. Barajas,

I’m a digital business manager. But really, I am your operations queen. I went from corporate life to an online entrepreneur. I took my love of organizing, systematizing, and scaling to the online space to serve my clients and help them build the businesses of their dreams! I am so happy to help others get clear on their operations and team management. I am also happy that I get to do this on a beach one month and maybe an unexplored city the next. Yes, I can actually do this and work because FOCUS is my superpower…Plus I have automated systems that help me too!



Before Denise, we were very disorganized and had pretty haphazard business practices. We were a brand new startup and didn’t know what we didn’t know. First and foremost, Denise helped us get organized. She helped us figure out what every department needed then helped us create a plan for our operations workflow. Then she helped us build processes for New Customer Onboard, Sales & Prospecting, and HR as well as internal communication. She also introduced us to many new tools that helped us automate a lot of our workflow–saving us a lot of time and money. Denise is great at dissecting a complex issue and coming up with solutions. She’s also very flexible and agile which is necessary in start-up-land where new things need to be bolted on to our processes every day, and directions and priorities can change rapidly. She brings so much energy and has such a great attitude. She’s a blast to work with.

John Gutbrod, Founder: Cart Agent

Unsure which package is right for you?

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